A delicious homemade Lemon Cake

Breakfast Menu

Good Start: Organic Porridge, plain €3 or with topping €4.50

Healthy Belly: Tia’s own Special Smoothie Bowl, granola, natural yoghurt, berries €6

Sweet Tooth: Buttermilk Pancake, special filling of the day, maple syrup €6

Full Plate: Traditional Irish with a touch of the Mediterranean (includes tea/coffee and homemade bread) €10

Chef’s Breakfast: Smashed avocado, chorizo, poached eggs, crusty bread €8.50

Good Veggie: Slow cooked beans, mushrooms, kale, potato wedges, roasted tomatoes, poached egges €9

Blaaa Blaaa Blaaaa: Toasted Blaa, sausages, rashers, relish €5.50

Extra portions no problem! Bacon, Chorizo, Sausages, Wedges, Avocado, Eggs all €2

Lunch Menu

Warm Roast Peaches, Feta, Salad, Pickles, Brown bread €12

Warm Chicken Salad, Pickles, Spicy Wedges, Chili Mayo €10.90

Potato, Chorizo, Kale, Fried egg €8.50

Chicken, Cheese, Pesto Mayo Ciabatta, Salad, Tia Crisps €9

Blaa, Sausage, Rasher, Fried egg, Relish, Salad €8.50

Veggie Burger, Wedges, Salad, Relish, €12.50

please note that this is merely a sample of our menu, and that we are always creating new dishes and retiring old ones – for a comprehensive breakdown of what is on offer on any given day, please contact us